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Reflex Integration

Quantam Reflex Integration (QRI)

 What is Reflex Integration?

Reflex Integration using QRI Harmonic Laser is a non invasive method of improving the Central Nervous System function and Development delays in children and adults by using the laser for each reflex and acupoints. The techniques re-pattern the primitive reflexes for the development of efficient neurological connections and processing.


What are Primitive Reflexes?

Reflex is a neurological arc that has a predictable response to specific stimulus and are present for survival especially during early stages of life. Primitive Reflexes start appearing in utero and are instrumental for birthing process and are responsible for setting the stage for physical, emotional and cognitive development.


Why is integration of primitive reflexes important?

When one or more reflexes are not integrated and not working with the Central and Peripheral Nervous systems, symptoms related to conditions like autism, ADHD, etc appear. Unintegrated or retained reflexes are directly related to neurological dysfunctions and affect the neurological development.